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You'll always be my Konstantine <3

7 June
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My name is Alicia. I'm 15 and live in Syracuse, NY. If you met me for the first time you would probably think I was a dork and immature but false impressions are always alarming. I love music and listen to practically any indie/emo/punk band out there. I am teaching myself how to play the guitar and someday hope to start a band. I am very mature for my age and only act goofy when I want to. I am entering my sophomore year in high school and am looking forward to branching out and meeting new people. As shallow as this may sound I tend to judge people on my first impression of them instead of getting to know them better. I have become more outgoing around people and love making new friends. I am a very trustworthy person, tell me a secret and it won't leave my mouth. Writing is my area of expertise. I someday hope to attend UCLA and receive my Master's Degree. I would either hope to have a career in teaching or journalism and would like to reside near a lovely ocean side in California. I am a very nice person and treat others with the up most respect they deserve. Some of my friends know everything there is to know about me and some don't. I don't tend to hold things back. I speak how I feel about anything and I don't hold my emotions in. I talk about things that bother me a lot and appreciate thought back on them. My journal is FRIENDS ONLY so yes, you have to comment to be added! I am currently single and am not looking, but if that "someone" comes I won't push the chance away. I do believe in fate and that that special someone is out there lurking the corners of your world. You just have to be in the right place and the right time for it to happen. Anyways, hope I didn't bore you too much with my life story but this is my journal and I can write anything I want. You can AIM me on VivaAlicia and strike up a conversation anytime. ♥

Something Corporate is Love.

Andrew McMahon = ♥

Andrew Mcmahon = ♥
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